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Preventative & Family Dentistry in Fresno CA


Family & Preventative Dentistry in Fresno CAYour teeth can last for a lifetime. It’s true! Preventive dentistry is the most basic dental treatment, and also the most important. By keeping up with regular dental exams and cleanings, you will continue to have a healthy and complete smile. These visits to your dentist will also ensure that any dental problems are discovered early before they turn into larger problems or have the opportunity to damage your teeth, gums, or the foundation of your smile.

At your dental visit, Dr. Lee will show you how to optimize your oral health and how to prevent dental damage from occurring. She may recommend more frequent cleanings, fluoride to strengthen enamel, or a nightguard to curtail destructive teeth grinding. Our goal is to prevent you from needing dental reconstruction in the future!

1 Children's Dentistry

Establishing healthy habits early in life can help your child continue to have healthy teeth and gums throughout her or his life. MORE INFO

3 Gum Disease Care

We know that helping you stay free from the effects of periodontal (gum) disease is essential to keeping you in optimal oral health. MORE INFO