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Root Canal Therapy in Fresno, CA

Root Canal Therapy in Fresno CAIn some cases of tooth damage and decay, we can provide an alternative to extraction that will save your tooth and improve your oral health: root canal therapy. Thanks to our comfort technology, including pain-free injections and oral conscious sedation, root canal therapy is often a pain-free experience. During the root canal therapy, Dr. Treva Lee will remove damage and decay and fill the root canals will special medicated materials. After the tooth has been sealed and capped with a crown, you are free to enjoy your newly healthy smile! Dr. Lee may recommend root canal therapy if:

Root canal therapy is a wonderful option that can truly save your natural teeth and your smile. If you notice any discomfort in your gums or teeth, please contact the office of Dr. Lee in Fresno as soon as possible in order to receive the care you need. We promise to take good care of your smile!