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Testimonials to Dr. Treva Lee

Having my teeth cleaned was a great experience! I noticed a huge difference in the way they felt and in their appearance. Before I had my treatment, the buildup was sharp to my tongue, now it’s smooth and I feel all the grooves of my teeth. Nina Perez – Fresno, CA

Dr. Lee, what a pleasant surprise to hear from you. We are in south Louisiana now and Phillip is doing fine with his implants. Before he got them, he didn’t wear his dentures more than a few hours at a time. Now, he wears them all day every day without thinking about it. It is real nice. Thank you for asking. Laura-Nell Wright - formerly from Clovis, CA

I really didn’t want to go to the dentist, but my wife made my appointment. After Dr. Lee’s hygienist did a terrific job of getting my gums healthier, I can really tell they don’t bleed anymore! Even my breath smells better. I’ve changed my mind about dental visits now. Dr Lee and her staff really care about me. Chris Seals - Fresno, CA

Thank you very much for taking care of my dental needs. You and your staff have been most helpful and friendly during my visits. I was also grateful for being able to take advantage of your credit plans. Finally, I would not hesitate to recommend you to anyone who needs dental services. Ruth Nelson - Fresno, CA

I wanted to take a minute to thank-you for your care and understanding of me as a patient. I came to you in May, terrified of dentists and my emotional beliefs allowed me to neglect my dental health. When I arrived in May, you and your staff treated me with understanding and concern for my issues about dentists and my health. You have earned my trust, and I am learning to come to terms with my fears. This is no small feat. Again, thanks to you and your staff for being so kind to me. Sue Ann Jones - Fresno, CA

Dr. Treva Lee’s recommendations for dental implants has been very beneficial to improving my overall health. Looking back over my earlier years of neglected health, she guided me to improved comfort and looks in these later years of my life. I highly recommend her to all for her professional care and concern for my oral health. Between her and her father, they have provided me with over 45 years of combined professional service. Their efforts are much appreciated. Nick Agundez – Lemoore, CA

The dental implants I have are very comfortable. They have improved eating and smiling. The procedure was not painful, however the process was long. I don’t know what a bridge would feel like, so I can’t compare. The implants are like my real teeth. The only drawback to the implants is that I find food gets caught up beneath them. The process was tedious, but well worth it. Rona Iida – Fresno, CA

I am extremely please with my new smile! The staff and doctor were all very professional and I am so pleased. It has been a nice experience and will recommend you to all my friends and family. Dave Martin - Clovis

Thank you for choosing my entry of what "L.O.V.E. Means to Me". The Costco Gift card will be used for sure. I also want to let you know how much I appreciate the way you and your staff make me feel when I come in for an appt or call about something. I don’t feel like just a paying customer - I felt like you all care about me as a person who just happens to be a paying customer. Thank you again for that! I really like your new office - it is very warm and friendly. I continue to enjoy the monthly newsletter. It not only educates me, but makes me smile. Thanks for all the work that goes into it! Kay Crockell - Fresno, CA

Long have I dreamt of that perfect smile, and it seems that it has come true thanks to you. The crown and veneers that you have given me look and feel great. The beautiful work you and your staff have created has boosted my self-confidence and driven me to brag to my family and closest friends and say “look at my new teeth”. On behalf of my family and I, I wholeheartedly thank you. We shall continue to come to you regularly. PS I’ll floss more! Nehemiah Fane - Fresno, CA

When I come to see Dr. Lee and her staff, I feel so relaxed, comfortable and I don’t worry about anything because I’m in good hands. Renee Prince - Fresno, CA

I have stayed with Treva for over 20-25 years. The reason why I have stayed is that she is very intelligent, kind and courteous to me and my wife (Evelyn) when she was alive. She made us feel like family. I was especially touched when Treva closed shop and her staff attend my wife’s funeral back in April "99". Treva is on top of her game. What I like is that she spends time to explain what is happening on whatever procedure she’s working on. Also I like the intelligent staff that she has. They are also kind, courteous and friendly and on top of it, they’re all beautiful in their own particular way. Thank you Treva for the dinner – I appreciate it. Prosperity prevails, Peter A. Ohanesian - Fresno, CA

I was a poor college kids who needed a dentist. Dr Harvey took care of me and didn’t hesitate and first ask how I was going to pay or who was going to pay or anything else - he just took care of me. And now 54 years later Dr. Lee is still taking care of me. Only now it’s the little girl who used to play around her mother’s feet in the office. Tom Wright - Fresno, CA

I have been going to the Dr’s Lee’s since I was 18 years old. My whole family was patients of Dr. Lee and Treva all of these years. After 45 years we are devoted to you. Don Blake - Clovis, CA

Our family started with Dr Harvey Lee as our dentist back in the early 1950’s. His office was across the street from a doctor that my mother worked for. He became a close family friend soon after that. He went dove hunting with my dad for many years. He used to come to our house around 4:00am for breakfast before hunting each year. I started with him around 1965. He was a wonderful dentist. He was always very kind, gentle, and caring. I was sad when he retired, but very happy when Treva became our new dentist. You are also a very kind and caring dentist. You are also great with our kids. They actually enjoy their dental appointments. We are also enjoying the new office. It is quite different than the one we started with on Van Ness and McKinley. I have always liked everyone working in the office through the years. We especially like the current “group of friends”. You are very kind, helpful, friendly, and funny! It is great to see people that enjoy their job and are so great at doing it. Thank you to all of you for taking such great care of us. We look forward to many more enjoyable years with you. "The Crownover Bunch" (Cindy, Andrea, Ashley, Lindsey, & Kaitlyn)

Your new office is very nice. The staff is always friendly and efficient. I wouldn’t dream of going to any other dentist. Both Dr Lee’s are the best!…Good Luck and good Health! Sharon McLaughlin - Fresno, CA

The same year we adopted our 2nd daughter, I became a patient of Dr. Lee. My husband had already been going to her for 2 years. Our entire family has benefited from her advice regarding our dental needs. Our children soon joined her patient load & last year we became grandparents and took Cadie in for her 1st visit. As a family of 3 generations who have selected Treva, we ar thankful to know we are in good hands. Thanks for everything, Alice McCoy - Fresno, CA

John, Matt and I want to congratulate you on your recent graduate degree-the Mastership award. We know that you worked hard to achieve it. We are not surprised to learn that you are in the top 1% in North America. And again, we want to thank you for handling all of Matt’s orthodontics needs. Your approach and professionalism was always greatly appreciated! His smile is perfect. Thanks again, and congratulations. Leslie Borasi - El Dorado Hills, CA

Dr Treva Lee has been D’Arcy’s dentist for quite some time. D’Arcy looks forward to every visit, passionate about overall health. As D’Arcy’s wife, I look forward to seeing Dr. Lee soon. I am impressed with her friendly and professional staff, love her newsletters, and know of her expertise and beautiful manner. D’Arcy and I are blessed to have Dr and Mrs Harvey Lee as friends and look forward to more time w/ Dr. Treva, too! To good health and a Dazzling Smile!, D’arcy & Leticia Tong - Fresno, CA

My smile is a testimony to the fine professional service that I have had for the past 48 years thanks to Dr. Harvey Lee and Dr. Treva Lee. Harvey and I used to talk about softball, golf, and fishing. Treva keeps something in my mouth so I can’t talk! But, that’s ok. It has been interesting to see how modern technology has changed so many procedures. I appreciate my dentists. Jeanne Contel – Fresno, CA

Dr. Lee and her staff*
Really make you feel Cared for.
(close to a haiku) *
the staff is really great! Ron Naggar - Fresno, CA

Thanks for inviting me for this lovely evening. It’s very nice of you to think of something like this. Not many doctors show their appreciation like you have done. It was good to see your dad also on this festive occasion. It has been more like a family while dealing with you. Thank you very much for being kind, patient, and gentle. Please convey the heartfelt thanks to your staff who are always eager to help. My Best Wishes to you, your family, and your lovely staff. Sudarshan Kapoor - Fresno, CA

Thank you to Dr. Treva Lee for bringing back my broad smiles of confidence. As a young child of 12, I lost my front four teeth to decay. It was a demoralizing experience over the years, other teeth have failed to remain healthy and had to be removed. Therefore, wearing a partial for most of my life has been like wearing shoes. However, the improvement in partials and now the creation of implants has made life more comfortable and natural. I am a new implant wearer and excited about the naturalness of the end results. The process, at first, was thought of being intimidating because, who wants to walk around with no teeth for any period of time? Well, the assurance and support of Dr. Lee and her team to help patients maintain dignity during the process gave me great comfort.

I am currently wearing a combination of implants and a partial. With the improvements made to partials today, the matching tooth color, the comfort in the fit, and the not having to place “powder or paste” on your partial has made me a proud wearer with a broad smile. I recommend anyone hesitating to not worry—as you too can share the “broad smile” and rest assured that Dr. Lee and staff will take very good care of you during the process. Rosylin Bessard - Fresno, CA