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Single Tooth Anesthetic (STA) – The Wand in Fresno CA

The Wand - STA in Fresno CAAlright, we all know that the part people dislike the most about visiting the dentist is the injections. The source of anxiety for many people, injections no longer have to be scary or painful thanks to modern dental technology! At the office of Dr. Treva Lee in Fresno, we use an amazing device call the Single Tooth Anesthetic (STA) or “The Wand.” The Wand uses vibrations and a non-threatening, computer-controlled device to virtually eliminate the pain associated with injections, making every treatment at our office gentle and completely comfortable! Our patients love The Wand because it is:

Gone are the days of uncomfortable injections. With The Wand and our other comfort technology, every visit to our office in Fresno is completely comfortable! Call us today to schedule your appointment and be amazed at how dentistry is becoming completely pain-free.